The 94 dollar breakfast.

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay 

I had a business meeting at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay on Friday.  The past few months have been crazy at home (new baby + major home remodeling), so Megan and Allie came along to stay over the weekend for a little R&R  (Abby stayed with Nana).  The hotel is beautiful and the cool ocean breeze is a nice break from the heat and humidity of Texas.  It’s been a treat for us to just relax in the room and watch movies or go for a walk along the coastline.  I used frequent flyer points for our flights and my company is covering the room and rental car, so it should be a cheap getaway, right?  Wrong.

It astounding how quickly you can hemorrhage money here.  Treat yourself to a massage?  $200.  Bottle of Odwalla juice smoothie?  $9.  Breakfast buffet for two?  $94.

Now don’t get me wrong – I would expect to pay a lot for these things at a Ritz Carlton.  But there’s a point where pricing gets so ridiculous that all you can do is laugh.  At least the newspapers are free.


4 thoughts on “The 94 dollar breakfast.

  1. I remember one time getting coffee and granola for room service at the Four Seasons in Boston, and signing a $28 bill (not including gratuity). It is amazing how much more expensive oats, ground coffee, and water can become after a change in real estate …

  2. In what state is this facility? It’s always been a dream of mine to stay at the Ritz and that one would certainly fit the bill!

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