At our weekly executive team meeting this morning, someone declared that we are in “hyper-growth mode”.  While this sounds like a great thing for a company, the faces gathered around the table showed more concern than glee.  The topic of of discussion:  Are we growing too fast?

As a marketing guy, I love growth.  After all, acquiring new customers is my job.  But for the rest of the organization, extreme growth can create problems.  Can customer service handle the increased call volume?  Are we hiring the right people?  Are our new products solidly profitable?  Is IT keeping up with technology requests?  What about cash flow?

These are what I like to call “quality problems to have”.  I’d rather struggle to keep up with customer demand than struggle to generate customer demand.  I’ve done both and I can assure you that the latter is NOT a quality problem.

I won’t tell you what decisions we made today, but I will tell you that I walked out of the meeting with a long list of to-do’s…


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