The Goatneck

The Goatneck route map  

I rode The Goatneck today with Ben C, Kyle, Jason, and Ben G from ThinkCash.  It’s probably the best ride I’ve done – very well organized with a good route.  The ride is billed as a 100k, but it is actually 70 miles so you get 8 “bonus” miles.  It has a reputation as a challenging course with lots of rolling hills.

 The Goatneck elevation profile

I felt pretty strong and finished with an average speed of 20.3 mph, easily my fastest long ride ever.  I averaged 22mph for the first 50 miles, but then I stopped to refill my bottles and struggled for the last 20.

Today was the first time I’ve ridden in a large group and not being out in the wind by myself made a big difference.  This was definitely the key to my faster pace.

The next big summer ride is the Hotter’N Hell Hundred, one of the most popular rides nationally.  I’m tempted to do it, even though it doesn’t sound like fun at all.


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