I hate packaging

Straight to the landfill… 

The addition to our house (a.k.a. The Never-ending-and-way-over-budget Project) is finally done so we’re playing musical bedrooms.  Megan and I are moving into the new bedroom, Abby is moving into our old bedroom, and Allie finally gets a room of her own (Abby’s old room).

We ordered new furniture for Abby’s new room and it was delivered in 6 huge boxes.  One look and I knew what I was in for.  Maybe it’s a pet peeve, but I hate packaging.  Perhaps it’s because it creates an enormous amount of waste or because it seems to take an engineering degree and half an afternoon to unpack stuff.

Check out the pic — for 2 twin beds, a nightstand, and a chest of drawers we ended up with 10 gargage bags full of styrofoam plus about 75 pounds of cardboard.  And that’s after I spent an hour compressing and folding as much as possible.

Now here’s the real problem:  This much packaging is needed because the furniture was shipped from China, so that cheap labor could be used, so that I could pay a low price for stuff that looks pretty but is of questionable quality.

Maybe if we imposed a big tax on imports like this, some local craftsman could make a living building quality furniture and delivering it in his old Chevy pickup with nothing but blankets protecting it.  Or maybe it’s my responsiblity to make this happen by voting with my dollars.

 Have a nice day ;-)


4 thoughts on “I hate packaging

  1. I am SO thrilled that you are finally moving into the new addition. Is it safe to say that this is your first and last entre into the home improvement world? Here’s hoping that Abby and Allie both settle nicely into their new rooms…

  2. How quickly we forget! I, your charming wife, actually broke down, compressed, and hauled out at least 30% of the packaging, and swept millions of styrofoam pebbles off the floor…

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