This one has been on my idea list for a while – a web site that answers one of life’s most important questions:  How do I look in this outfit? 

StyleMob is like HotOrNot + MySpace for fashion.  Like HotOrNot, users post pics of themselves and the community votes on the look.  Like MySpace, you can connect with like-minded (or in this case, like-styled) people to share style secrets.  You can even assemble your own personal “StyleCouncil” of friends and fashionistas that you want to get frequent advice from.

This is a great application of social networking and there are a lot of directions you can go with it.  There are also obvious commerce (i.e. monetization) ties here.  If StyleMob is successful, it will become an enormous user-generated catalog.  Find an outfit you like, click to buy, and StyleMob splits the commission with the person that posted the outfit.

I noodled on this idea a few months ago, and StyleMob has done it almost exactly as I envisioned it (although I’m not crazy about the hand-drawn look of the site).  I think this one has big legs.


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