Working out in an oven.

 Stoneworks Climbing Gym  

I’ve lived in Texas all of my life, so I’m used to hot summers.  But this summer is killing me.  Ironically, termperature-wise it’s one of the coolest summers in recent memory.  But it has rained almost constantly and the humidity has been relentless.  It’s the kind of  humidity that takes years off of your life.

 Last night, I went to Stoneworks to climb with Paul Mogote.  As usual, we started with a 2 mile warm-up run.  The temperature was “only” 93, which is a couple of degrees below normal.  But the humidity was 94%, which, according to NOAA, equates to a Heat Index of 142 degrees (“Heat stroke highly likely with continued exposure”).  This is pretty much as high as the heat index goes.

On top of that, Stoneworks isn’t air conditioned.  It’s an old grain silo that someone converted to a climbing gym.  The silos are like a brick oven, absorbing and radiating heat.

Stoneworks - Inside the silos

After Paul and I finished our run, we looked like we had jumped in a pool.  Like a moron, I immediately jumped on a route.  The higher I climbed, the hotter it got, and by the time I reached the top I was dizzy and nauseated.  Paul lowered me to the ground, and by that time I was getting concerned so I went outside (where it was only 93 degrees) to cool off. 

Long story short, I’m pretty sure I was in the danger zone for heat stroke.  I eventually was able to cool off a little bit and we finished our workout. 

Even this morning, I feel a little “hung over” from the heat.  I think I’ll stick to air-conditioned gyms for the rest of the summer.


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