Franklin has arrived…


Yesterday my company officially changed its name from PayDay One to ThinkCash.  We launched the ThinkCash brand in February and it has been a big success.  One of the hallmarks of a good brand is that is takes on a life of its own.  When we created the ThinkCash logo, we named the symbol that represents the “i” Franklin.  Frankin is the hero of our new ThinkCash TV spots, which are airing nationally right now.  Almost immediately, our employees began using the ThinkCash logo in their emails and even their computer wallpaper.   At least once a week, someone would ask when and if we were going to adopt ThinkCash as our company name.

We decided a couple of months ago to adopt ThinkCash as our name to reflect our diversification outside of the payday loan market.  Payday loans are still a big part of our business, but we also offer installment loans through our bank partner, First Bank of Delaware.  And we have more products on the drawing board.

This is an exciting moment for my marketing team because we chose the name (credit for the idea goes to Ken) and gave birth the the brand and the web site (with lots of help from the rest of the company).


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