I’m beat.

This morning I met Ben, Anthony and 8-10 other riders at Colonel’s Bicycles for their Saturday ride.  By the time I rode 1.5 miles to the shop, I was already pouring in sweat.  The humidity was unreal.  We took off at 9am and headed toward Benbrook Lake into a pretty stiff headwind.  Ben and Anthony were on the front setting a pretty decent pace, and by the time we reached the lake, we had split into two groups, with 5 of us in the front group and the rest behind.  We rode out to the end of the lake, did the challenging climb through Deerwood Forest, and then headed back.  By the time we got back to the lake entrance, 2 more folks dropped off our group, leaving just Ben, Anthony, and myself.  At this point, I was pretty worked — the heat, humidity, and pace were getting to me.

Ben and Anthony both have brand new high-end (i.e. fast) bikes plus they’re both better riders than me.  So the whole way back I was struggling to stay with them.  At 40 miles we were on a long, gradual climb and I decided to give it one last burst and I broke away from Ben and Anthony.  It was actually a pretty well timed attack, but nonetheless, Ben caught me about a mile later at the top of the hill.  As fun as my mini-breakaway was, it caused me to blow up and I suffered pretty badly the remaining 8 miles — especially on the final climb up Ranch View.

This ended up being one of the toughest rides I’ve done in a long time.  Even though it was only 48 miles @ 17mph, the combination of the winds, climbing, pace, and especially the humidity kicked my butt.  It definitely felt harder than the 70 miles @ 21mph I did a few weeks ago at the Goatneck.

I have to say that the weather this summer has really broken my spirit.  The first half of the summer was nothing but rain and the humidity has remained.  For the first time in my life, I’ve found myself seriously questioning why I live here.  I can’t wait for October.


4 thoughts on “I’m beat.

  1. I ran 12 this morning. I started out about 6:00. The combination of heat/humidity was the worst I have ever experienced. After 8 miles my socks were “squishing” in my shoes as they, along with my shoes, were soaked. I have only ever experieneced this before when running in the rain–a rarity. The upside is that when I am running in October it will be as if the “shackles” are taken off.

    Glad we are going to be spared the hurricane.



    Going to be getting my trainer early this week. Will let you know how I like it.

    UT CO-OP just opened a branch location in Houston–sweet!

  2. Some reasons why you might still be choosing to live here despite the recent hot, humid weather:

    1. Favorable economic climate
    2. Conservative political environment
    3. Mild winters (outdoor activities possible all year round)
    4. Driving distance to family
    5. Driving distance to UT

    Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks for the reminders. Because of #3, I can’t see us moving outside of Texas unless my job required it. And it’s easy to take #1 for granted. As for #3, it can’t get here soon enough!

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