Still going…

I’m killing time while Megan watches some DVD called Casanova (can you say “zero interest”?).  So I just noticed that I’ve been writing to this blog for over a month and have made 32 posts (including this one).

About a year ago I tried blogging, but I stopped posting after about a week.  For whatever reason, I felt that every post had to be profound in some way.  I ran out of profundity after about 3 posts (and that’s being generous). 

This time I’m using the blog more as a personal journal, although I also try to post stuff that my family and friends might be interested in.  It’s sort of neat to watch the blog stats to see what people are clicking on.  I noticed that my post on Farstar was by far my most popular, with 142 views.  I guess a few people passed that link around.  I also noticed that I recently had my first visitor from a search engine.  Someone did a search on Technorati for “TCU climbing” and then clicked on my article on the TCU climbing wall.  I’m sure they were sorely disappointed with the result ;-)


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