My own Hotter’N Hell 100


I decided not to participate in the Hotter’N Hell 100 today because I haven’t been doing long rides and it’s been insanely humid.

But this morning when I set out from my house at 7am, the weather was unusually cool for late August.  It was in the 70’s with less than 50% humidity so I decided to do my own 100 ride — I rode a metric century (100 km or 62 miles).  As usual, there was a constant wind out of the West, so I rode over 30 miles with a headwind.  Overall, a good ride!

Ben competed in the Hotter’N Hell Cat 5 race this morning and had an even better ride.  He finished in the top third out of 100 riders with blistering average speed of 23.1 over a metric century course.  As of this race, Ben moves up to Cat 4.  Congrats!  We’ll see how you stack up against Levi Leipheimer in October (more on that later).


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