Let the smack talk begin…


Barking Carnival just posted their Texas Football State of the Union.  My bro-in-law Stephen turned me on to this site and the writing is awesome.  Their overview of Texas really hits the nail on the head.

We have a lot of question marks on both sides of the ball, but take a look at our schedule and ask yourself who will beat Texas this year.  Will TCU catch us asleep at the wheel in game two?  Will Oklahoma avenge last year’s decisive loss?  Not likely.  To be honest, A&M is probably our toughest game.  We struggled against the option last year and word on the street is that Stephen McGee has bulked up to 230 lbs.  and changed his name to “Bucky”.

My biggest issue with Texas football under Mack Brown has always been this:  We’re never going to win through coaching.  And players like Vince Young only come around once in a lifetime.  My prediction:  11 and 2.

Let the smack talk begin…


3 thoughts on “Let the smack talk begin…

  1. As much as I enjoy a good round of trash talk, I don’t know what to say about my little Aggies. If McGee stays healthy we have a shot for a decent season. Your Longhorns will, as ever, field an amazingly talented team. If Mack can keep the egos in check you’ll be tough to beat. Gig ’em!!

  2. My prediction is undefeated at best, one loss at worst. This is because Colt McCoy is a true leader with heart and he is also a play-ah. Heisman? Doubtful Texas will play for the national title though (weak schedule–including A & M to close). Regardless, just like Barking Carnival states, the future will continue to be bright. I do have my reservations though. Could we start going 9-2 or 10-1 every year and never win anything meaningful (Mack Brown ala UNC)? Until we win a conference division title or something without VY I am not convinced Mack Brown is much better than just a great recruiter.

  3. “True Leader” (see Stephen McGee). Cart McCry will be leading the troups to College Station Medical Center come November…nice try.

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