I rode 26 this morning.  For the first 30 minutes I was under dark skies and a bright full moon.  There was no wind (for once), so it was a peaceful start to the morning.

I was dragging a bit because I had a business dinner at Del Frisco’s last night and stuffed myself on crab cakes, shrimp, calamari, bread, lamb chops, au gratin potatoes, asparagus, and a huge piece of lemon cake.

I’m thinking about racing cat 5 next season, so I’m starting to try and sustain higher speeds on my short rides.


3 thoughts on “Moonshine

  1. What are you doing to stay visible? Do you have a headlight/taillight, other reflective gear? The trainer is great by the way. I got a Blackburn Trak Stand Ultra.

  2. I have a flashing headlight and tail light and I also stay off of busy streets.

    Glad you like your trainer. I hate riding on the trainer – time goes by too slowly.

  3. I too am thinking of racing cats next year…ERRRRR…it’ll be easy to squeeze in that extra training when you become single and all…

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