Holiday weekend plans


I’m taking a “working holiday” today to extend the weekend a bit.  Megan’s Mom (a.k.a. “Honey Grandma”) is leaving today after spending the week with us.  She’s been a huge help and has given Megan some much-needed relief.

Tomorrow, I’m planning to ride in the Honey Tour in Burleson.  Then the Longhorns kick off at 6pm against Arkansas State.  Abby has been saying “the Longhorns are coming” for the past few days — perhaps she’s warning all you Aggies.

On Sunday we’re going to the lake.  My friend Lance and his family are going to hang out with us and then we’ll get on the boat for the fireworks show (which was postponed from July 4 due to flooding).

P.S.  While I was searching for a fireworks photo on flickr, I ran across this awesome photo.  It was taken in Minorca, an island in the Medeterranean owned by Spain.



One thought on “Holiday weekend plans

  1. After Saturday night I have to wonder if the Longhorns should have been more worried about Arkie State instead of the Aggies!!! Ha!!!

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