Honey tour

I rode in the Honey Tour this morning with Ben, Tom, Jason, and Chris from ThinkCash.  It was a jackrabbit start, with everyone jockeying for position and trying to form pacelines.  It seemed like we were doing over 25mph for the first 10 miles, and then the peloton broke into two large groups.  I ended up in the second group, but at mile 15 I tried to jump across a quarter mile gap to join the lead group.

Big mistake.

After hammering the pedals for 3 or 4 minutes I got within 100 feet of the lead group but my heart was redlined.  It’s amazing how much more work it is to be out in the wind by yourself instead of tucked in behind other riders.  I read somewhere that it can take 50% more power to maintain the same speed.  So I gave up and slowed down to catch my breath.  15 miles into a 62 mile ride and I was already hurting!

Seconds later my original group started whizzing by me and I was barely able to hang on to the back.  It took me about 15 minutes to recover, and by that time people started dropping off of the group.  At mile 30 Tom’s friend (who had just completed a half Ironman) took off and I followed her.  She was pounding the pedals and it was all I could do to hang on.

Eventually, what was left of our group came to a bridge where the entire lead group (Including Ben) was stopped.  I knew this wasn’t a good sign.  Turns out that a couple riders had fallen and in an effort to avoid the pile-up, another rider had hit the guardrail, flipped over it, and fallen about 15 feet into a ravine.  Apparently he had broken his leg and had a concussion.  Definitely a huge bummer.

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful.  My group had disintegrated so I was alone for the last 30 miles into a headwind.  Ben’s group passed me with about 2 miles to go (they had waited for the ambulance after the wreck). 

Overall, it was a solid ride.  And here’s a fun fact — I was keeping track, and I’m pretty sure I was the first finisher with non-shaved legs.  Is it inevitable that I’ll have to switch to the dark side at some point?


One thought on “Honey tour

  1. Broken legs… concussions… shaven legs…

    What have I gotten myself into?

    Here’s to hanging with the “second group” in the MS150!


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