A day at the lake

We drove up to the lake this morning to hang out and cook burgers with my parents and Lance, Lauri, and their daughter Lilly.  The weather was fantastic and it was good to catch up with everyone.  We also got to assess the damage from the recent floods.  Overall, I think we got pretty lucky but we’ll definitely need to make some repairs to our dock.

Because of the floods, the July 4th fireworks were postponed to tonight.  So after the 3 L’s left, our crew loaded into “Poppy’s” boat and headed to Highport Marina.  Along the way, I captured this great video of Abby playing peek-a-boo with Allie.  I’ve never heard Allie laugh so hard.


We drove back home tonight, so it was a long day.  Off to bed…


4 thoughts on “A day at the lake

  1. I love, love, love the laughing video of the sisters! Allie has the best cackle, ever! Looking for a full report on the first day at Mother’s Day Out and Dance for the Abbster….

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