Same Ol’, Same Ol’

Well, it was a typical opening game for the Horns:   Superior athletes, inferior gameplan.  Thanks to some big plays early in the game we were never in danger of losing.  But if you look at the box score, Arkansas State beat us in every category except 3rd down conversion.

Our receivers looked solid and I think Colt will come around.  But we continue to be plagued by an incomplete running game.  Unfortunately, we’ve come to expect this from Greg Davis.  Jamaal Charles looked good and ran for over 100 yards (over 1000 if you count East-West running).  But in 4 running plays we couldn’t punch it in from the 3.  Against Arkansas State.  Are you kidding me?

All I can say about our defense is that it looked bad across the board.

Let’s hope this is an anomoly.  We’ll find out next Saturday against TCU.

 P.S.  As usual, Barking Carnival has an awesome write-up.  Some of my favorite quotes:

Our gameplan was gutless in only the way a Greg Davis gameplan can be, though this pecuilar variety of squeezable softness usually only surfaces in Dallas.

JC [Jamaal Charles] is a special runner trapped in a comically inept run scheme. When a RB has to break three tackles in the backfield to get three yards, you need to look at the system, not the players.

Jermichael Finley was wisely hidden in our gameplan. We wouldn’t want our second most talented receiving option to get more than one catch for eight yards. It might alert others to his presence. Let’s keep that weapon hidden for Baylor.

As usual, our top four tacklers were all in the secondary, a rather amazing accomplishment given the fact that Arkansas St ran the ball 30 times… Typically, LBs will make some of those plays, but then again, I’m a boring football traditionalist.


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