Cowtown Classic


I rode in the Cowtown Classic today with Ben, Jason, and Kyle from ThinkCash.  I hadn’t intended to ride in this event because I’ve been a little under the weather this week.  Plus, Megan and I stayed up until 1am watching season 1 of Heroes (which is great by the way).  Plus, Allie is teething and is waking up 3-4 times per night (although Megan bears most of that burden).

But at 7am I was wide awake.   Once something gets in my mind, I feel like I’m cheating myself if I don’t do it.  I guess it’s my “type A” personality.  So I got up and rushed to the event, intending to “soft pedal” the route.  Riiiiiight…

The ride was 56 miles.  We all rode together at a relaxing speed for the first 10 or so, and then Ben started picking up the pace.  I jumped on his wheel and we hammered it pretty good for 20 miles, passing a lot of riders.  By mile 35, we were ahead of most riders except for the group of racers at the front.  We turned back toward Fort Worth and had a tailwind most of the way home (a rarity).

I was back home by 11:15am.  Time to shower up and get ready for the big game tonight.  Tomorrow is “Megan’s day”.  Abby is with Nana, so I’m going to try and take Allie as much as possible.


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