The “Hunt ‘n Peck” Offense

I’ve never been a fan of UT’s offensive coordinator, Greg Davis.  Yes, this is the same guy that called the plays in our national title run.  And yes, our offense usually puts up big numbers.  But those facts disguise the truth about Davis’ stubborn play calling and non-existent running attack (unless we have a VY or Ricky on the roster).

This article on Barking Carnival makes my case perfectly.  It’s a play-by-play breakdown of our running game in the second half of Saturday’s game.  By the numbers, our running game was strong in the second half, racking up 139 yards.  But if you look at the plays individually, you realize that most of those yards came from QB scrambles and a couple of big plays by a speedy running back.  We continue to lack the ability to pound the ball forward in 3 to 5 yard increments. 

Someone dubbed Greg Davis’ offense the “Hunt ‘n Peck” offense.  That says it all.


2 thoughts on “The “Hunt ‘n Peck” Offense

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