It’s official…


…the Longhorns are not a good football team — probably the worst 3-0 team out there.  Even though most of the blame for this one goes to the D, our O should be able to hang “half a hunerd” on an opponent like this.  Colt looked good — definitely a gamer — but the “Hunt ‘n Peck” offense was in full effect.

Quote of the week from Barking Carnival:

Linebackers – Worst. Game. Evar. 11 total tackles, 15 total Mack Claps. My friends were playing the Mack Clap drinking game. One is in the ER right now thanks to Robert Killibrew.


5 thoughts on “It’s official…

  1. I don’t know…our Aggies might give you a run for your money at “the worst of the 3-0 teams.” Just follow our motto: “A win is a win is a win!!!”

  2. I have to respectfully disagree. The Longhorns aren’t as bad as you are making them out to be. A win is a win and a loss is loss. We just happen to have all wins right now.

    That was a hilarious quote about the Mack claps. Lisa and I were at Chuy’s watching the game and I made the same comment. Whenever we do something horrible the camera always pans to Mack walking down the sideline clapping. Sadly it has a become a barometer of how we are doing. The more they show it the worse off we are. I think the equivalent for the Ags might be the Franchione pensive chin rub.

  3. I must say I am disappointed in your lack of optimism. Did UCF not have the nation’s leading rusher? Did they not just beat NC State at their crib? A few better outcomes in the red zone and it would have been a blow out. Do not display your fear. Hasn’t Kanye taught you anything? (whatever, I haven’t listened to his music-don’t plan to-from everthing I have seen or heard about him he sounds like a first class jerk)

  4. It’s not the score, it’s the play. Without phenoms on both sides of the ball (VY, Huff), I don’t have confidence we can beat top 10 teams. If we beat OU or even play them close, I’ll post a formal apology.

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