Positive vibes

For 30 years, Fred Bryant, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Chicago’s Loyola University, has studied how to make happiness last. One of his findings: Share it. “Talking about your happiness with other people will prolong your enjoyment,” says Bryant. “Think about how laughter is contagious — good moods are, too.” 

I was out before dawn this morning walking Allie (which unfortunately has become a fairly common occurence).  A mile or so into the walk, a group of about 10 runners passed me.  They were chatting, laughing, and having a great time together and almost all of them said something nice to us as they passed.  It really gave me a boost.

My mood and even my physical energy level has always been a reflection of those around me.  I feed off of positive vibes and am super-sensitive to negative vibes.  I guess that’s why I’m drawn to upbeat people and why I try to be positive in my interactions with others — although I have a lot of room for improvement.


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