The game


Saturday’s game was the culmination of all of my concerns about the Horns this year.  K-State came in with a smart game plan and executed well against it.  We looked clueless on both sides of the ball.  This one can only be chalked up to coaching — especially “Mr. 3rd and 14”, Greg Davis.

Someone pointed out that our offensive system is so bad that our best plays are busted plays where the players are forced to go outside of the system and create.

 Oh well, at least OU lost too. 

Here’s the armchair QB question of the week:  VY was on the sidelines for the game.  If he had come in for the second half with UT behind 24-14, what would the final score have been?  I say 42-31 Texas.


2 thoughts on “The game

  1. Saturday’s game didn’t bother me too much–I slept from 3:30 to 5:30. Of course when Lisa awoke me I thought that she was lying. When I got to the tele I saw that OU had lost so it lessened the pain. The saddest thing is that the Big 12 as of this season is beginning to make a case that it is no better than the mid majors. How did this happen?

    I guess I will have to admit the McCoy is not the gamer I thought that he was nor is he the reincarnation of Major. Let’s give Chiles a chance.

  2. Well, dawgs, welcome to the land of mediocrity. As Lawman likes to say, “Losing’s not so bad, once you get used to it.” Don’t count out the Aggies!!! We might lead the Big 12 South after next weekend. The thought is so ridiculous…you gotta love college football!

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