I have a dream


I think I speak for a lot of Horns fans (and even a few Aggie fans) when I say that my favorite all-time Longhorn football player is Major Applewhite.  Major never had the physical gifts of a Vince Young, or even a Colt McCoy, but he more than made up for it with football smarts and an intangible will to win.  He still holds all major passing records at UT and if it hadn’t been for one Chris Sims, I have no doubt that UT would have won a national championship in 2001.

Now, as many predicted, Major is rocketing up the coaching ranks.  He started as a graduate assistant at UT, then became QB coach at Syracuse, then he became the youngest offensive coordinator in Division 1 football at Rice, and now he’s working under Nick Saban at Alabama.  So here’s my dream…

For the next few years, Mack and his staff of will continue to lead us to uninspired 2 and 3 loss seasons.  Meanwhile, Major will hone his skills at Alabama.  At some point, Mack will either be forced out or will retire and Major will take his rightful place at the throne of UT football.  There will be pandemonium on the streets of Austin.  Trumpets will sound.  And UT will will win back-to-back-to-back national titles with a young gunslinger named Major Dahlstrom under center (no announcement here, just speculating).


4 thoughts on “I have a dream

  1. I, too, loved Major Applewhite…..talk about a classy guy! Both the football team and the UT campus were fortunate to have had him grace its territories……

  2. ERRRRRRR…”with a young cheerleader named Allie Dahlstrom jumping around on the sidelines…” Megan thinks you are in for a MAJOR disappointment…

  3. Is it sacrilege to think Major would make a great coach for the Aggies? I can look past his Longhorn roots and recognize obvious talent…..

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