An acceptable loss


Believe it or not, I’m not upset about the Horns’ loss yesterday.  In fact, I think it was our best game of the year.  We mixed up the play calling on offense (for once) and our D pretty much shut down OU’s running game.  It was a hard fought game, and turnovers made the difference.

 Yes, Jamaal Charles seems to fumble in every game.  Yes, we have our weakest defensive backfield in years.  And yes, Colt is having a disappointing year.  We simply have to face the truth — this is not a great UT football team. 

But here’s the good news:  I’ve heard that we have a stable of freaky good redshirt freshmen that were recruited after the national championship (thanks again, VY).  Barking Carnival has said repeatedly that at many positions our best players are on the bench.

So, now that we’re out of the race for a Big 12 title, the question is whether we put our young guys in (including at QB) and lay the foundation for next year.  Of course Mac won’t do that — but at least it will give Horns fans something new to complain about.


2 thoughts on “An acceptable loss

  1. I agree with all of your comments except about Colt. He had a good game yesterday and showed that maybe he still is as good as last season. I wish they would have put Chiles in the same time as Colt more–that seemed like it would be pretty effective. Bottom line is we showed we are still a formidable force that was only a couple of plays away from still being in the national title hunt. We will briefly fall out of the Top 25 but I would look for Texas to win out and finish in the Top 15 if not the Top 10 if we have a strong bowl opponent.

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