I heart Zappos

Here’s a great customer testimonial for Zappos.  I’ve purchased from Zappos before and it’s clear when you interact with the company that they are obsessive about customer service.  And based on their sales figures, this strategy seems to be working: 

1999: Almost nothing
2000: $ 1.6 mm
2001: $ 8.6 mm
2002: $ 32 mm
2003: $ 70 mm
2004: $184 mm
2005: $370 mm
2006: $597 mm
2007: $800 mm (projected)

Last weekend I was telling a friend that these days most companies don’t genuinely care about their products or their customers.  They focus too much on the bottom line (and the short term) and as a result don’t do all of the subtle things that add up to make a night and day difference in the overall customer experience.  To put it another way, people can tell when your company has a soul.

The best way to get a soul is to focus on all the little things that make the difference between good products and great products.  It may not be the fastest path the profits, but I believe it’s the best way to achieve sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

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