Good for you, JC


The Horns got another W last night but we never make it look easy.  Jamaal Charles finally had a breakout game (290 yards rushing!) — even if it was against a Nebraska team on a string of 4 losses.

JC is one of those players that always seems to be on the verge of breaking a long run.  But he rarely does.  He’s been a solid back for us — and may end up playing on Sundays — but he has tended to fumble and isn’t a power runner.  Jamaal’s primary weapon is speed — he won the Big 12 100-meter title in 2006 and is always the fastest player on the field.  Tonight we finally got to see that speed in action.

Despite the fact that we could end up 11-2 this season, I’ve concluded that this is a transitional year for the Horns, so I’ve reset my expectations.  It makes the games a lot less stressful. 


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