Heart attack on a platter


Megan was craving fried chicken today, so we made the trek to Babe’s Chicken Dinner House in Burleson for dinner.  Babe’s is a simple restaurant — so simple that they don’t even have menus.  You choose from 6 main dishes (4 of which are deep or chicken fried) and they serve it family style with salad, potatoes, gravy, creamed corn, green beans, and biscuits. 

The food is exceptionally tasty, but it’s not what you would call healthy.  A quick scan of the patrons makes it pretty clear that Babe’s food “sticks to your ribs” (as well as your thighs, arms, neck, etc.).  Take the “salad”, for example — a bowl of lilly-white lettuce soaked with sugary-sweet dressing (think iceberg plus Aunt Jemima).  I asked the waitress if the biscuits were made from organic whole wheat flour and she called me a “tree hugging sissy-boy” and added $20 to our bill.

The best part was watching Abby power down about a quart of creamed corn.  She  skipped lunch today so she was literally using the oversize serving spoon to shovel the stuff into her mouth.  Given that Abby is currently potty-training, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing that corn again soon…


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