The Escape

The following poem was written by a 15 year old from LaGrangville, NY.

He steps out onto the street.
He climbs onto his old steel Schwinn.
He clips the pedals.
The pedals turn…
The wind rushes by his ears
as he tours the small condominium he calls home.
Past the dark faces,
people he once called friends.
Only the faint glows of cigarettes illuminate
their shadowed faces.
The pedals turn…
Past the broken bottles,
away from the stench of burning marijuana.
He rides onward.
Neighborhood kids laugh at him —
He’s called queer, faggot.
The pedals turn…
On the bike, he forgets.
Bills that have to be paid,
waiting for the paychecks,
the rich and advantaged.
The pedals turn…
He rides for everyone who told him to give up.
He rides toward happiness.
He rides toward a better life.
He rides toward a dream.
He rides toward the color yellow.
The pedals turn…

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