Nothing to Lose


Unfortunately, I’m not surprised by tonight’s loss to A&M.  It was a typical game for the Horns — spot the opponent 2 or 3 TD’s right off the bat, screw around for a couple quarters, figure out a gameplan at halftime, and then start digging out of the hole.

Fran knew that this was his swan song and pulled out all the stops.  It seems that A&M plays best when they have nothing to lose.  Their offense was balanced and Stephen McGee had the best game of his less-than-illustrious career.  For Aggie fans this game provides evidence that the problem really was coaching and not players.

As for the Longhorns, I’m not sure what this loss means.  The defense looked terrible, but they are young and were on the field for over 40 minutes.  Colt McCoy was clearly off his game tonight and Greg Davis’ play calling stunk as usual. 

Worst play of the night:  The fake field goal for a TD in the 2nd quarter.  I’m pretty sure Mack Brown was the only person watching the game that didn’t see that one coming.

Here’s the problem — who get’s fired at the end of a 9 or 10 win season (preceded by 6 10+ win seasons)?  My fear is that we have to watch the Longhorns sink slowly into mediocrity before changes are made.


3 thoughts on “Nothing to Lose

  1. Kevin,

    Leslie called the fake field goal from the kitchen! She wasn’t even watching the t.v. and knew what was coming.

    If you need a phone number of an available coach, I can get you one here in Bryan/College Station.


  2. Oh the sky is not falling guys. Life will go on – it did last year, right? Sorry – had to slip that in. It really was a good game and yes, Les did make the call FROM THE KITCHEN. She might be available to coach the Longhorns, you never know what a little money can do to your loyalties…

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