Barking Carnival summed up something I’ve been saying about the UT football program:

We are what we are, folks, and that is a pretty good football program, but one that will only win something important when it has a completely transcendent talent like Vince Young leading the team. You may have noted that such talents don’t come along very often. In the 110+ years of Texas football, we’ve had exactly four: Bobby Layne, Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams and Vince Young.


3 thoughts on “Exactly.

  1. Since you’ve had a taste of a national championship it’s hard to accept less. However, you guys really DO have a great football program & a coach that can recruit the best players. Be glad you are not an Aggie and suffering through years of mediocrity. I would happily take 9 wins, especially if they include Texas Tech!!!

  2. Look at the last 10 national championship games — none has been so dominated by one player. Not even close.

    My point is that there’s a reason Mack Brown has only 1 conference championship in over 20 years. It takes that sort of once-in-a-generation talent for our coaching staff to get it done. Other teams (Oklahoma, LSU, Ohio State, etc.) manage to be in the hunt for conference and national championships year after year. They have great athletes, we have great athletes. But more often than not we’re on the outside looking in.

    I don’t expect to win every game, but I expect to be in the mix almost every year. After all, we’re Texas.

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