The time has come.

I’ve been a loyal Yahoo user for a long time.  myYahoo has been my home page for almost a decade and I’ve sent and received untold thousands of emails via Yahoo Mail.  But I can’t put off the inevitable any longer — today I’m officially switching to Google.

Why, you might ask?  Put simply, Google is better, faster, and cheaper.  Over the past few months, a number of small things have begun to annoy me about Yahoo:

  • Yahoo Mail’s new UI is slow.  I spend a lot of time in email, so a few seconds here and there add up.
  • My home DSL conneciton is provided by AT&T, so Yahoo classifies me as an “AT&T / Yahoo” user.  As a result, every Yahoo web page I visit has an AT&T logo on it and any time I click on a help link, I get dumped off at AT&T’s support site (which is a black hole).  I don’t want AT&T to be any part of my web experience.
  • Yahoo charges $20/year for POP mail access.  Google provides this for free.

Make no mistake about it — the switch is going to be painful.  My Yahoo email address is in all of my friends’ address books and there is no telling how many online accounts have my Yahoo email address on file.  But it’s clear to me that Yahoo is headed in the wrong direction, while Google is getting a lot of things right.


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