honest advice

The “check engine” light in my car came on a couple of weeks ago.  So today I stopped by Cowtown Rover, a small repair shop, to see what was up.  Sam, the owner, dropped what he was doing and ran a computerized diagnostic test.  It turns out that is some sort of oxygen sensor problem.  He reset the warning light and told me that it’s not really worth replacing the sensor unless the problem continues.

Sometimes the best way to build a profitable relationship with a customer is to tell them not to buy.  This is different from a “negative sell” because it’s not a sales tactic at all.  It’s just honest advice — something that’s in short supply these days.  If I had visited a Land Rover dealership, I’m 100% certain they would have recommended hundreds of dollars in repairs.  But because Sam didn’t, there’s a 100% chance I’ll go back to him when I need work done.

This isn’t the first time Sam has given me good advice or done something free of charge.  It’s just the way he operates.  And I suspect it’s why he always has more business than he can handle.


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