How to get me out of a blogging funk…


I haven’t been blogging much lately, but Ben recently made a post that demands a response.  He compares Texas to LSU over the past 5 seasons and concludes that LSU has the better football program.  Of course Ben’s analysis is completely unbiased ;-), but I would like to add a few comments:

 1) Props to LSU for winning the national championship this year.  What a great time to compare your team to another ;-). 

2) Let’s not forget that the last time Texas and LSU met head to head (in the 2003 Cotton Bowl) the Horns spanked the Tigers 35-20.  Nick Saban still has nightmares about Roy Williams on a slant pattern.

3) Our 2005 National Championship may go down as the best in history — a perfect 13-0 including a defeat of “the best college football team ever” on their home turf.  Wasn’t LSU’s 2003 title shared with USC? (*).  And this year they won the title with 2 losses (*).

 4) Football is cyclical — teams have their ups and downs.  LSU is definitely in the top tier right now and Texas is on the bubble (even with a string of 7 ten-win seasons).  But if you step back back and look at all time performance, Texas blows away LSU in pretty much every category.  For example, here are the all time win-loss records:

Texas: 823-313 (72% win pct)
LSU: 692-378 (64% win pact)

5) I have a notoriously bad memory — especially for bets that I lose.  So rather than parting with $100, I’ll double down on that bet.


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