How advertising should work


During Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at MacWorld, he mentioned that Rotten Tomatoes was the best movie review site out there.  Considering the source, I made a mental note to check it out — but soon forgot about it.

This morning I logged into Gmail and the ad shown above was in my inbox.  This simple ad had two things going for it — the Steve Jobs endorsement and the fact that Juno was one of my favorite movies of 2007.

This is what advertising is all about — being there at the right place and right time.  In this case it may have happened by chance, but the great thing about online advertising is that you have more ability than ever to create this type of experience for target customers.

[As I side note, I’ve been absolutely astounded at how targeted the ads are in Gmail.  And I’ve noticed that I end up reading just about every ad that’s in this particular location.]


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