Anticipation is half the fun


I always like to have a rock climbing trip booked and on the calendar, even if it’s several months out.  There are a couple of reasons for this:

#1 – It gives me something to look forward to and provides motivation to train.  Living in Fort Worth, I do a lot of gym climbing, which starts to feel pointless if there’s not a tangible goal. 

#2 – Half the fun of a trip is the anticipation and planning.  I’ll spend hours scouring the area’s guidebook to determine which routes I want to do.  Usually I’ll pick at least one route that will push my ability, and I’ll think about it often in the days leading up to the trip.

In early April I’m headed to Red Rocks (just outside Las Vegas) with Arne, Paul T, and Dan.  I’ll be climbing with Arne and each of us has already picked one route.  Arne’s is Black Orpheus and mine is The Nightcrawler.  The picture above was taken looking up at the crux 3rd pitch of The Nightcrawler.  I’ve been climbing long enough that I can look at a picture like this and get a good idea of where the challenges are going to be.  At 5.10b, it will be near my on-sight limit for trad climbing.  That’s a good reason to hit the climbing gym tomorrow…


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