Crack A Lo Lo

A climber (not me) on Crack a Lo Lo.  The distinctive
Crab Eyes formation can be seen in the upper right of the picture.

Arne and I made a day trip to the Wichitas on Saturday.  It was my first visit to Lost Dome, a 200 foot formation located several miles into the 5,723 acre Charon’s Garden Wilderness area.  It turned out to be a pleasant surprise — Lost Dome probably has the best climbing walls I’ve seen in Oklahoma and the area has a remote, almost alpine feel.  To cap it off, the weather was stellar, with bluebird skies and temps in the mid 70’s.

We climbed a few routes on Lost Dome’s south face, including:

  • Last Rights (5.9) — “Wichitas 5.9” (Translation: 5.9 plus a little 5.10)
  • Baptist on the Rampage (5.11) — Think pain: 100 feet of micro edges.
  • Larry’s Folly (5.8) — A long route with thought-provoking moves.
  • Rap Bolters from Hell (5.12a) — I tried it on top rope just to confirm that I’m not a 5.12 climber.  I’m not.
  • Crack a Lo Lo (5.10c) — Highlight of the day – I nabbed an onsight.

After climbing, we did a little exploring and checked out Lost Dome’s lesser-visited west face.  The guidebooks list only two routes for this face, but there is a lot of route development potential there.  I plan to return to check it out in more detail.


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