No more excuses.


I picked up my new bike today.  I’ve been riding for about a year and a half now and have really grown to love cycling.  It has increased my overall fitness and has even improved my rock climbing.  And unlike running and climbing, it’s a somewhat social sport.  When you ride with folks for hours on end you have some interesting conversations.

Did I need a new bike?  Of course I did.  My old bike was bad for my image ;-)  Plus, Ben rides like a thousand miles a week and I need all the help I can get to keep up with him.

The downside?  Now I have no excuses for not being fast.


6 thoughts on “No more excuses.

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  4. Hello. I’m a writer for Parker County Today magazine, and I’m writing a feature article for our March issue dealing with cycling in Parker County, Texas. (The article will be timed to coincide with the Ride for Heroes.) I’d like to interview some riders who go to Parker County (Weatheford/Aledo) for rides during the course of the year. I noticed on your blog that you have done the race before. Would you be willing to chat with me for 10 minutes or so? Thanks a bunch. Kevin

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