UPDATE: Drilling out of control


Last September, I wrote about a proposed gas drilling site in the middle of the most beautiful section of the Trinity Trail, where lots of people run, ride bikes, and have picnics.

Well, despite thousands of signatures on petitions and public protests over the plan, drilling has begun.  Check out the picture above — I think the huge drilling rig really adds to the look of the trail, don’t you?  And you can’t even hear the diesel engines… as long as your iPod is at full volume.

How can something like this happen?  It’s simple economics:  Chesapeake Energy is offering folks in my neighborhood $16,500 per acre plus a 25% royalty for the right to suck natural gas from under our properties.  This is hard for anyone to turn down. 

Just yesterday, I posted on economic parentalism, and I am generally vehemently opposed that concept.  But I do believe that there are situations where common sense must prevail.  Zoning of land is one example.


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Drilling out of control

  1. $16,500 ? Oh, man, they paid us $15,000 / acre and I thought THAT was good.

    but is the drilling that bad ? What you posted earlier, about a pipeline near your house that might permanently damage/devalue a neighborhood and property values… that’s bad. But the drilling? They’ll be done in a few months, and a year later, you won’t know they were ever there.

    The fact that they’re drilling for gas instead of putting solar panels on everyone’s roof – that’s bad. But in light of the fact that folks are still drilling for gas, I say take the money and run. Use it to do some good. Donate it to the Sierra Club, or invest it in an eco-friendly way.

    I think the local city governments have had some input on where drilling is allowed and are making some money through it that hopefully will come back to tax payers in form of improvments… well, in an ideal world that would be… so, cheer up or – hey;let’s just move to the mountains and start that company you were talking about. :-)

  2. I doubt thinks will be all wrapped up neatly in two years. And the trees they’re clear-cutting at this Trinity site certainly won’t be back in two years.

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