A New Look


At ThinkCash, we operate two brands:  ThinkCash for short-term installment loans and PayDay One for payday loans.  One of our major marketing initiatives this year is to take our customer experience to the next level — we want to be on par with the very best ecommerce companies.  And since we’re on online company, the biggest component of the customer experience is our web sites.

Well, yesterday we took a big step forward by launching a redesigned PayDay One site.  The new site represents the culmination of months of effort (Ben compares it to having a baby) and I’m proud of the result.  The new site has a clean, distinctive look and is better organized and easier to navigate.  My favorite feature is the customer testimonial videos.  Now, folks that visit our site can learn about PayDay One directly from real customers.  Check it out and let me know what you think!


One thought on “A New Look

  1. my two cents from an aspiring web whiz… looks clean and clear but I really liked the green theme you had on there once – or do I not remember correctly ? … green gave the sense of $$$. it seemed to fit better than the blue and red. or was that thinkcash ?

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