Always wear your helmet.

We spent Easter weekend in College Station with Megan’s family.  Two of my brothers-in-law (Stephen and Rex) and I took this opportunity to ride in the Katy Ram Challenge, a 73 mile ride through the flatlands west of Houston.

 We got to the event a little late, so we spent the first 45 minutes working our way through slower riders.  Then, about 15 miles into the ride, we had an “incident”.  The three of us were in a paceline doing about 24mph and all the sudden I heard Stephen yell my name.  When I turned around, I saw Rex laying in a ditch along the road.  Apparently he was in the midst of putting some Clif Bloks in his mouth at the exact moment I sat up on my bike and slowed down a bit.  In attempting to avoid my back wheel, Rex lost control and took a nasty spill.  The crash banged him up up pretty good (possible cracked rib) and the impact even broke his helmet (which he had received as a gift that morning).  Worst of all, his beautiful ThinkCash kit was shredded!

Most people would have called it quits right there, but Rex is a pretty tough fella, so he got back on the bike and finished the remaining 55 miles.  He gets serious Man Points for that one.

This was my first long ride of the Spring season, and I felt pretty good the whole way.  The combination of flat terrain, no wind, and a new bike made for some pretty fast riding.  I’m riding in the Ride for Heroes with Stephen next Saturday and then I’ve got two MS-150 events in April and May.

Get well soon, Rex — we have a date in Houston in 3 weeks.


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