Good riddance, Yahoo.

Several months ago, I switched my personal email from Yahoo to Google.  Yahoo mail had become slow and I got tired of paying 20 bucks a year for POP3 access when Gmail offers it for free.  

So yesterday I went to cancel my subscription to Yahoo! Mail Plus before it renews for another year.  Of course the cancellation link was difficult to find (not by accident, I’m sure).  But I was persistent and after a few minutes I was ready to cut my ties to Yahoo — except that the cancellation link didn’t — and still doesn’t — work (again, it’s hard to believe this is an accident).  I spent 10 minutes clicking through Yahoo’s help pages, but couldn’t find a way to contact a human by email or phone.

Here’s the best part:  I did a quick Google search and the first search result contained the correct 800 number for Yahoo customer support.  I called it and 3 minutes later the service was cancelled.  Thank you, Google.

It’s no secret that Yahoo is struggling.  They are still #1 in total audience (just barely) but the company lost its edge years ago and will continue to get its butt kicked by Google.  My experience is just one small example of what happens when a company loses its focus on customers.


One thought on “Good riddance, Yahoo.

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly.
    I experienced disabling technical problems with my yahoo mail service, but was unable to navigate through various circular loops of “online help” proided by haoo. Clearly yahoo doesn’t want to be troubled by customer email or phone calls.

    My problem, like yours, was solved when I googled yahoo’s coporate office phone numbers and found phone numbers I needed for immediate help.

    Yahoo treats their customers with contempt. Don’t worry, you don’t have to avoid me, yahoo! I’ll avoid you.

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