The Windy(er) City

Since I started cycling, I’ve become much more aware of the wind.  Even a light wind can make a big difference on the bike.  And in Fort Worth, it seems that the wind is almost always blowing hard.  I’ve often wondered if I just notice it more now or if Fort Worth really is windier than other cities.

Today I ran across a chart that answers the question:


In every month of the year, Fort Worth is well above the US average for wind speed.  It’s even windier than “The Windy City” (Chicago).  I looked at a few “windiest cities” lists and Fort Worth isn’t #1, but we’re in the top 10 for major cities (even when lumped in with Dallas).


 As Lance Armstrong once said, “We don’t have mountains in Texas, but we do have the wind.”


4 thoughts on “The Windy(er) City

  1. What about the link on the second image? It looks like Dallas is at 107 mph, while Boston is at 12.4. That would make Big D “Category 2 hurricane” windy.

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