Back from the Rock

Me attempting a possible first
on the East Face of Windy Peak

Got back from Red Rocks late last night.  PaulT, Dan, Arne, and I had a great trip — 4 days of climbing under bluebird skies and temps in the 70’s.  Here’s what Arne and I did:

Day 1:  Jubilant Song:  An 8 pitch route on the South Face of Windy Peak.  Long approach and mediocre climbing, but a good “warm up” (if an 8+ hour day can be called that).  Capped off the day with Salt Lick Barbeque (at the Red Rock resort) and a little Texas Hold’em.

Day 2: Sour Mash:  A super-classic 8 pitch route on Black Velvet Wall.  Fantastic climbing and another big day.  Destroyed some Asian food at PF Chang.

Day 3: Diet Delight:  Back to Windy Peak — this time on the East Face.  The first pitch of this one is one of the best I’ve ever done.  Heinous descent down a steep gulley.  Afterward I tried a possible first ascent of a very cool route (pic above) but got turned back 40 feet up by lack of protection.

Day 4: Dark Shadows:  One of the most popular routes at Red Rocks, and deservedly so.  After rapping down one pitch, I did Edge Dressing as a bonus pitch — very nice!  Back at the car by 11am.

One of the things I love about these trips is the simplicity of life:  Wake up early, climb all day, eat a big dinner, go to sleep, repeat.  I even love the achy, beat-up feeling I have when I come back.

Here are more pics:


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