Yesterday Ken gave me a DVD called Once.  It’s an Irish film that has won a bunch of awards including an Oscar for best music (plus it scores 97% on the Tomatometer), but I had never heard of it.  I thought it was a brilliant movie.

60% of the words spoken are in song, so it’s been called a “modern day musical” (although nobody bursts into song mid-scene).  It feels more like a documentary, providing a glimpse into how music and musicians are inspired.  It’s also a love story (actually a forbidden love story), but as Ken pointed out when he gave me the movie, it doesn’t have all the drama that most Hollywood movies rely on.

The lead characters — “Guy” and “Girl” — are played by real-life musicians (and friends), and this is their acting debut.  Because the whole story revolves around music, it feels really authentic. 

Of course the music is great — have a listen to the song that won the Oscar:


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