Hanging Out


Last night I went to dinner with a bunch of guys from my college fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega.  JimH organizes this event every year for alumni in the DFW area.  I had forgotten how fun it is to hang out with the guys and tell old stories (some of which are even true).

When I went to college, I was pretty anti-fraternity.  The stereotypical “frat boy” image makes me cringe and at UT (and probably most colleges) fraternities have drifted away from their original ideals.  For some guys I think it actually does more harm than good to be involved in one. 

But what attracted me to Gamma Eta was the individuals I met — guys that liked to have fun but were also looking for something beyond the parties.  Fast forward 15 years and all of the guys I hung out with last night have done a lot with their lives.


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