Just another day in paradise…

At the doctor with a sick Abby and a cranky Allie

I think there’s some sort of universal law that says anytime one parent leaves town, one or more childen shall get sick.  Megan took a much-deserved vacation this weekend with her friends, so I’ve been on kid duty.  Allie had a fever the night before Megan left, but that broke overnight.  Then yesterday, Abby’s temperature went up to 104.  Since she’s had a cough for a couple of weeks, I decided to take her to the urgent care clinic with Allie in tow.

Upon arriving at the clinic, Allie promptly did a face plant into a table to kick things off.  Then Abby proceeded to projectile vomit across the exam room.  I then spent the next two hours trying to comfort Abby as the nurses poked and prodded and tending to Allie, who was way overdue for dinner and was quite vocal in her displeasure.  Good times.

Thank goodness my Mom was already planning to come over last night.  Abby seems to be feeling better now and is playing with “Nana” as I write this.


6 thoughts on “Just another day in paradise…

  1. Brings back memories of watching Caroline and Callie when Callie was a baby. They both got sick with fever and crud. I remember being in the dr.’s office and Caroline laying out on the floor and Callie sick in my arms. Rex and Leslie were on a skiing trip. I’m sure Megan is now nervous about being away (which Leslie went through). Hope they get better soon. I’ll be praying for you.

  2. That’s rough, but you get some dad credit! I only have one and he stayed healthy all weekend, but I still hired a sitter Sunday afternoon!

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