Thinking Big

I was reading an article in Fortune last night about Google.  In the past 8 years, the company has grown from two Stanford grad students to over 18,000 employees.  I work for a company that has experienced rapid growth (albeit on a much smaller scale), and it’s not easy.  So it’s amazing to me that Google hasn’t spun out of control.

Given Google’s staggering growth and the sheer number of products they’ve cranked out over the past few years, you would think that the company would now be focused more on process than innovation.  But when asked about that, CEO Eric Schmidt said:

“Let me give you the argument Larry and Sergey have made, which is, I think, surprising.  They are concerned that the company is becoming too conservative.  They say to me, ‘We took huge risks when we had no cash.  Now we have all of this cash and we take few risks’.

You have to hand it to Larry and Sergey — they think big.  It’s a reminder to me that it’s important to be focused on where your going, not where you are.


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