I think I have the Black Lung

Since the MS-150 over two weeks ago, I’ve had a nagging cough that has gotten progressively worse.  I haven’t felt that bad, but am constantly hacking (as Zoolander said, “I think I’m getting the black lung, Pop”).  And of course I haven’t rested at all.

Well, after a really bad ThinkCash company ride yesterday, I woke up today with all the classic symptoms:  cough, all-over-muscle-aches, fatigue, headache, etc.  I went in to the office anyway, but by 11am I had a 102 degree fever. 

“Resting” at home.

I think this is the same virus that Abby and my entire extended family have been battling.  Apparently it lasts about a month (!).


6 thoughts on “I think I have the Black Lung

  1. Isn’t it great how families share? Adeline had the runs 2 weeks ago. Matt went out to a movie and then I started vomitting/runs, very violent! I had Adeline on my hip, was on the potty, and throwing up in the trash can, all at the same time. Good times, indeed!

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