Training for Vacation


Yesterday Megan and I went hiking at the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge.  I had never heard of it before finding it on Google, but the FWNC&R covers over 3600 acres, making it one of the largest city-owned nature centers in the United States (4 times bigger than Central Park and a lot less crowded!). 

Interesting historical sidenote:  Most of the trails were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression.

The FWNC&R has over 20 miles of hiking trails and is surprisingly scenic (sorry, no pics).  And hilly too — I bet we climbed 1000 vertical feet over the 6.5 miles we hiked (out and back on the Canyon Ridge trail shown above).

This was a training hike for next week’s vacation to the Grand Canyon and Sedona (is it really a vacation if you have to train for it?), so we hiked with full packs.  I think mine weighs in at about 50 pounds.

It was probably a little too hot for hiking, but we had a good time anyway and both of us came away more excited about our upcoming trip.


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