Dr. Rubo’s Wild Ride

Summit Block Rock — Dr. Rubo’s Wild Ride ascends the
promintent crack that leads directly to the top of the pinnacle.

Last post on my vacation — I promise.  But I had to mention the climbing in Sedona.  The town is surrounded by amazing red rock formations including lots of tall, slender pinnacles.  The rock is mostly sandstone, and the quality is variable, but there is lifetime of climbing within minutes of town (much of it within walking distance).

Since I didn’t bring any climbing gear, I hired a guide named Glenn and we decided to climb Dr. Rubo’s Wild Ride, one of Sedona’s classics.

Dr. Rubo’s is 4 short pitches with the crux being P2 — a sustained wide hands section.  The cracks on this climb are in a flare, which adds a little difficulty because it limits your freedom of movement.  The rock was mostly solid, although it’s by far the softest rock I’ve climbed on.  Some of the fixed protection consisted of pitons driven straight into the rock face!

Leading the first pitch

Leading P3, the “airy piton-protected traverse”

The climbing was fun, although it felt stout for the grade.  We topped out quickly and did one rappel down the back side into a notch.

Rappeling the back side

A short hike back to Glenn’s truck and I was back at the hotel by 10:30am.  It would be so cool to live somewhere where you can do a multi-pitch route in the morning and have the rest of the day for family time.  Maybe some day…


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