What’s wrong with Hollywood?

Megan and I have had the unusual opportunity to see 3 movies lately.  All of them had big name actors and were heavily marketed.  They ranged from just OK (Zohan) to boring and predictable (Get Smart) to just plain bad (Indiana Jones).  Another much-hyped movie, Love Guru, starring Mike Myers, scored 15% on the Tomatometer.  I can barely stand to watch the preview, let alone the movie.

How does Hollywood produce so many bad movies?  Is there a dearth of good writers?  Of good ideas?  I don’t think so.

Today I visited the Magnolia Pictures web site.  They specialize in “unique and eclectic” films, and there are several I’d love to see.  In particular, Bigger, Stronger, Faster and Surfwise, which both scored 100% on the Tomatometer.  But guess what — neither film is coming to DFW, which is ironic given that Magnolia Pictures is owned by Mark Cuban.

I understand why the major studios prefer to invest in formulaic movies with big-name actors.  It’s a fairly safe bet.  But would these movies be less marketable if they had interesting stories or good dialogue?

Oh well, at least WALL-E is coming out soon.  Pixar hasn’t had a miss yet and this one is getting rave reviews.  Plus, I can take Abby!


3 thoughts on “What’s wrong with Hollywood?

  1. Kungfu Panda was decent.

    We enjoyed Iron Man also.

    We too are looking forward to Wall-E. We will be there as a family Saturday around noon. Pass me the $10 popcorn!

  2. I liked Iron Man too. Kung Fu panda is getting pretty good reviews, but does it compare to a Pixar movie? (Toy Story, The Incredibles)?

  3. I agree on the Indiana Jones one… BORING ! I try to stick with Netflix. They’ve got it all whether the movie ever made it to Texas screens or not. Here are my 5 favorites out of the last 25+ things we watched:

    1) Derailed
    2) Little Children
    3) Babel
    4) Before the Devil Knows you’re Dead
    5) Mr. Brooks

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